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Since it's beginning, MDC\FWOI has been the vehicle to provide activities and services for the migrant and seasonal farm workers in the state of Mississippi. It is gratifying to see an unemployed farm worker who has lost all hope for a brighter tomorrow, be able to discover that somebody cares for him and through structural programs designed with his needs in mind go on to become a wage earner earning decent wages for him and his family, but as long as there are others who need to discover themselves, MDC\FWOI is ever striving to bring about relief with all resources available wherever they may be found.


In order to participate in farm worker programs sponsored and funded under the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) administered by the National Farm Worker Jobs Program (NFIP) of the United States Department of Labor (USDOL), the applicant must meet the following requirements.

  1. Have been employed as a seasonal farm worker or migrant (a person or his/her dependents who during 12 of the last 24 months received at least 50 percent of their total income or been employed at least 50 percent of their work time in farm work); and

  2. Have an income below the HHS Poverty income guide lines or have been identified as a member of a family which receives public assistance or whose annual income does not exceed the higher of either the poverty level or 70 percent of the Lower Living Standard Income Level (LLSIL); and

  3. Must have the potential to become gainfully employed and/or pursue Vocational or Special Training




Major Activities and Services

  • Outreach and Recruitment

  • Job and Pre-Vocational Orientation

  • Vocational and Institutional Placement

  • Direct, Indirect, and Self-Placement

  • On the Job Training

  • Work Experience and Tryout Employment

  • Adult Basis Literacy and Numeracy

  • GED Prep

  • Job Counseling

  • Basic Farm Technology & Maintenance Classes

  • Consumer Information Program

  • Job Development & Exploration

  • Information & Referral Services

  • Anti-Dropout Program

  • Emergency Assistance

  • Child Care Assistance

  • Transportation Assistance

  • Health and Medical Assistance

  • Nutritional Assistance Follow-Up Services

  • One-Stop Delivery System

Accomplishments Across the Years


  • 3240 Persons enrolled in GED Classes

  • 1670 Received GED Certificates

  • 2609 Went on to continue their education/training

  • 9500 Persons placed on jobs (direct or indirect)

  • 3010 Persons enrolled in vocational, special skills and higher education

  • 1690 Of these had received GED Certificates through our program

  • 12,500 Enrolled in pre-employment counseling and job orientation classes

  • 5000 Persons participated in work experience training

  • 4300 Placed on OJT with 3,428 being retained after training

  • 5600 Youth involved in job counseling and transition

  • 58,000 (Plus) - Benefited by employment training and Supportive services

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